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The Oil Palm Development Project is a public private partnership between the Government of Uganda,....

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      ABOUT US

Who we are
The Kalangala Oil Palm Growers Trust (KOPGT) was established in June 2006, with a mandate to implement the oil palm project’s out growers and small holders scheme, on Bugala Island and other out laying Island in Kalangala District. .
KOPGT was legally incorporated asa trust in June 2005 under the "Trustees Incorporations" Act and became active in 2006.The main objective is to; work with small holders to engage in commercial oil palm production to address rural poverty and improve their livelihood

Our Background
Oil Palm Uganda Limited, (OPUL), was formed to undertake the first phase of development by establishing a nucleus oil-palm estate of 10,000 Ha, including an oil mill, on Bugala Island in Kalangala District . Of this, 6,500 Ha were to be developed by OPUL and 3,500 Ha to be developed by smallholder growers. Inputs for all 10,000 Ha were to be supplied by OPUL. OPUL is owned by BUL (90% share) and Kalangala Oil Palm Growers Trust (KOPGT) (10% share), thus giving the members of KOPGT representation on the OPUL board through its two designated members. The contribution of the Government to the partnership would be the provision of 6,500 Ha of land for the nucleus estate, upgrading of the Kalangala District road infrastructure, ferry transport to and from the island, financing for KOPGT and, mobilisation and pre-financing for small growers. In order to fulfil its contribution, the Government obtained financial and technical support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for the development of the smallholder growers. OPUL provided an implementation plan that included the importation of oil palm seedlings, nursery facilities and a complete support package for participating growers. This includes land survey and preparation, digging of holes, planting, provision of inputs at a cost, advice, transport and other services. The cost of these services is recorded by KOPGT in a loan account for each farmer. The loan is then recovered from the payments farmers receive from their sales of Fresh Fruit Bunches, (FFBs), over a number of years depending on yields and prices. KOPGT was formed to hold a 10% shareholding in OPUL on behalf of growers, represent growers on the Board of OPUL, the Pricing Committee and the Service Cost Panel, hold a bank account for advance payments and recovery with the Government as joint signatory. Further, to ensure best practice in Oil Palm production through services to growers and audit of accounts.

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